Maximize Results with Eye Serum

Enjoy the fantastic 15-minute results, but commit to daily use. We know this sounds like a given, but PREVAGE® Anti-aging Intensive Repair Eye Serum takes two weeks for any new step in your regimen to truly become a habit, so be mindful those first 14 days. Sure, those immediate 15-minute results are great, but the long-term impact is a thing of real beauty. Trust us.

Increase your results by using our new PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser before applying your serum. This multi-action, moisture-rich cleanser is specifically formulated to maximize your treatment benefits. And it works: After 2 weeks using the Cleanser, 95% of women said their skin felt more revitalized, looked healthier and showed an increased radiance. And 92% noticed that moisturizers and treatments worked more effectively.

In 4 weeks, stop and appreciate how much your efforts have paid off. Congratulations, if you’re like most women you should be enjoying the kind of results that make PREVAGE® Anti-aging Intensive Repair Eye Serum easy to commit to long-term, daily use.

95% of women felt skin was softer and smoother
88% of women felt eyes looked revitalized
84% of women felt eyes looked brighter
81% of women felt this tightened and firmed the appearance of skin in the upper and lower eye area
76% of women saw an improvement in the look of aging eye skin, including sun damage, dry lines, wrinkles and age spots

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