Your Fragrance Style

We have all witnessed the power of our sense of smell. Each of us has stories of re-experiencing a scent that conjures up an incredible range of not just memories, but emotions, too. The memories can be from long ago. But the recall and emotion a scent evokes is immediate.

In fact, our sense of smell is truly the most emotional sense we have.

It’s no wonder then, that we spend so much time experimenting with our own unique fragrance style. But here’s the rub: as highly complex humans, it can be tough – and some would argue, even impossible – to find just one scent that captures everything we are.

Perhaps it’s better to think of fragrances like we do our favorite clothes. Some we wear when we’re feeling playful. Others we don to bring out our sensuality or uniqueness.

Fragrances have a range that’s perfect for expressing the myriad aspects of our individual personalities. That said, knowing a bit about the emotions different scents evoke can help you narrow down the fragrances to test during your next visit to select a scent. And help you find the notes that capture one of your many unique traits.