• What is the Prevage Privilege Club?

The Prevage Privilege Club is a loyalty reward scheme. Prevage customers are invited to sign up to the Prevage Privilege Club at any participating Elizabeth Arden counter. The counter at which you sign up for the program will become your counter for all Prevage Privilege Club purposes. For every purchase you make at your counter, you will get a Reward Stamp. As you accumulate Reward Stamps, you will become eligible for Product Rewards at three different Reward Levels. Please see Reward Level section for more details.

• What do I have to do to earn a reward?

In order to earn a Product Reward, you need to purchase Prevage at your participating member counter. For every Prevage purchase you make, you will receive one Reward Stamp.

Reward Stamps will be credited to your account immediately at the time of the corresponding Qualifying Purchase. Reward Stamps and expiration date may be checked at any time by visiting the Member’s Participating Counter.

• Is there a minimum spend to receive a Reward Stamp?

There is no minimum spend to receive a Reward Stamp. For every Prevage purchase, you will receive one Reward Stamp.

• Can anyone sign up to the Prevage Privilege Club?

You must be at least eighteen years of age or older and a resident of the United Kingdom or Ireland to be eligible for membership in the Programme. The Programme is limited to individual membership only, and is limited to one membership account per individual.

• What are the Reward Levels and Product Rewards?

There are 3 Reward Levels in total.

• Level One: After the third Reward Stamp earned, you will receive a:

o Prevage Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser (125ml)

• Level Two: After the sixth Reward Stamp earned, you will have the choice of receiving either:

o Prevage Anti-Aging Eye Serum (15ml)

o Prevage Anti-Aging Intensive Repair Eye Serum (15ml)

• Level Three: After the eighth Reward Stamp earned, you will receive a Prevage Deluxe Hamper, including:

o Prevage Anti-aging Daily Serum (50ml) and

o Prevage Day Anti-aging Moisture Lotion SPF 30 (15ml) and

o Prevage Anti-aging Overnight Cream (15ml) and

o Prevage Anti-aging Eye Cream SPF15 (5ml)

Product Rewards may be redeemed immediately upon completion of each Reward Level. Level One and Level Two Product Rewards may be collected from the Member’s Participating Counter. Level Three Product Rewards will be shipped to the Member’s residence within twenty-eight business days of request. The Level Three Product Reward can be redeemed once per calendar year only.

• What happens if I fill my Prevage Privilege Club Card?

Once you have earned your Level Three Reward, you can start earning stamps again from zero. The Level Three Product Reward can be redeemed once per calendar year only.

• Do Reward Stamps expire?

Reward Stamps are valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issue of your Privilege Club Card. Upon expiration, your Account will automatically restart at zero and a new twelve month period will begin.

• What other advantages are there to being a Prevage Privilege Club member?

If you opt-in to receive communications from Elizabeth Arden, we will invite you to events such as make-up and skin care master classes, which may be held at an Elizabeth Arden counter or a nearby venue. We will also let you know about exclusive gifts, new products and promotions. Make sure you opt-in to receive marketing communications from Elizabeth Arden unrelated to the Prevage Privilege Club.

• How often will I receive communication?

If you have opted in to receive communication, you will be amongst the first to hear about our special events and promotions in store. The frequency of our communication depends on the schedule of events. The collection and use of the data you provide via opt-in is subject to Elizabeth Arden’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at http://elizabetharden.co.uk/articles/privacy-policy.list. You may stop receiving such communications at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the Elizabeth Arden email to which you subscribed.

• What happens if I didn’t receive a Reward Stamp for my last purchase. Can I get it when I visit my membership counter next?

That's ok, simply show your Prevage Privilege Club Card to a Consultant at your membership counter together with your receipt. The Consultant will check the details on our Account and can add any Reward Stamps that were due.

• I didn’t receive my Product Reward when I qualified.

If this is the case, then please present your Prevage Privilege Club Card to a Consultant at your membership counter. If your Account shows that you are due a Product reward, the Elizabeth Arden Consultant will then provide your Product Reward.

• Can I still qualify for other promotional offers in store when I am collecting Reward Stamps that day?

Yes, you can if there are any promotional events running at that time and your transaction qualifies for this.

• Can a friend or family member use my Prevage Privilege Card?

The Programme is limited to individual membership only, and can therefore not be used by a friend or family member.

• Can I collect Reward Stamps at any other Elizabeth Arden counter beside my membership counter?

Reward Stamps may only be earned on purchases made at your Participating Counter.

• I have lost/damaged my Prevage Privilege Card, how can I replace it?

Lost or Damaged Membership Cards may be replaced by visiting your Participating Counter.