My Fifth Avenue

Embrace the possibilities of an invigorating floral that blends citrus notes, musks and wood notes for a fragrant reminder of the sparkling scent of success.

The Scent

Master perfumer Olivier Gilloton transforms the spirit of Fifth Avenue into a chic and lavish bouquet. A vivacious top note infused with lemon, mandarin and a whisper of violet. Leading into a heart of blended florals — lotus flower enriched with jasmine. Layered over the lingering warmth of musk, amber and cedarwood.

The Bottle

Designed in 2018, it was created as a sensual interpretation of a New York City skyscraper. The bottle tapers at the bottom and widens at the top, with faceted sides that mimic light refracting from brilliant surfaces. My Fifth Avenue is etched vertically onto the front, a feminine signature on a luminous façade.

Embrace the Possibilities

I believe in New York because I believe in possibilities. To be immersed in a sense of expectation. To feel something extraordinary might happen at any time. To see it from a distance is a dream of anticipation. But to stand on its streets is to breathe the irrational rush.